Registration Fee Schedule

  Regular Late Day-of-Event
  All Routes $55 $60 $65
  Reg Period End Date 30 Oct 2016 12 Nov 12  2016 13  Nov 2016

No Registration Processing Fees!

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What’s included with your registration:

  • Escorts for all routes
    • Motorcycle escort for Group A – 70 miles
    • Ride Leader escort for Group B – 70 miles
    • Ride Leader escort for Group C – 26 miles
  • On-ground route markings
  • Great SAG stop’s with hydration and nutrition to fuel you on the ride!
  • Mobile SAG support provided by Bike SAG
  • Post-event meal at Wolfy’s Lakefront Bar & Grill!
  • Post-event entertainment at Wolfy’s Lakefront Bar & Grill!  Special Guest Singer!
  • Special commemorative pin
  • Complimentary Ride Ready Check for your bike from David’s World Cycle with your event registration receipt.  
    • A $45 Value to get your bike ready for the Seminole Cyclefest!  
    • Available at any of David’s World Cycle’s 15 locations.


Dr. David Turbyfill is proud to be sponsoring the 2016 Seminole Cyclefest.